Google Ghana 2011

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G-Ghana 2011 (28th-29th April, 2011)

This event was held in Accra-Ghana. In attendance was a whole lot

googlers around the globe namely

Estelle Akofio-Sowah, Lead English Speaking W. Africa, Ghana. (Google Ghana, Country Director).

Paa Kwesi Imbeah, Partner Solutions Organization, London.

Mike Springer, Software Engineer, Zürich.

Eve Andersson, Partnership Management, London

Bridgette Sexton, Program Manager, Developer and Tech Outreach – Africa

Richard Ngamita, Data Analyst Developer Outreach, Kenya

Ola Fagbamigbe, Enterprise Deployment Project Manager, UK

and many more…

G-Ghana 2011 was very successful and very interesting!!

Hello world!

Welcome to Nanabayin’s Bosom. Will be making more post later concerning IT especially in Ghana and also update projects and stuffs that I’m into. Will be glad to get comment and post concerning IT worries and problems. We will sure combat any related problems like the kunfu panda. lol.